Thursday, October 18, 2007


Here is one of the nice articles I had saved earlier, and which I will post (as per the previous post):

15 Creative Ways To Use Crocheted Motifs

1. Attach motifs together to form curtains, scarves, pillows, bedspreads, tablecloths and table placemats.

2. Make a satin pillow the same size as motif, fill with potpourri, sew motif onto pillow for a nice decorative scented pillow that can be used to scent closets, drawers and cabinets.Purchase a journal or small notebook, cover in attractive cloth and sew a motif on the cover to make a wonderful gift.

3. Frame a motif for an attractive wall hanging.

4. Laminate a motif and glue cork to the back to make attractive coasters.

5. Attach a magnet on the back for attractive décor for your fridge.

6. Embed a motif made of sewing thread into a bar of soap for attractive bathroom décor that will amaze your guests. Instructions for embedding in soap can be obtained through the free "Scents And Beauty Business Course" at

7. Sew a muslin bag the same size as motif, leaving one end open. Attach a motif to front and back of bag, attach Velcro for a closure and crochet a nice handle to make a sweet purse that any little girl will love.

8. Sew a motif onto the back pockets of jeans for a decorative touch that will always be in style. Add extra flair by sewing several motifs around the bottom of the jeans legs as well.

9. Glue 2 used CD’s together using rubber cement, with the shiny sides facing out. Glue a motif on each side, thread ribbon through the CD hole and hang in your car or by your window for an attractive sun catcher.

10. Dip a motif lightly in scented wax, lay it on waxed paper to dry, hang anywhere you’d like a freshening scent.

11. Cover an empty can with wallpaper, or attractive cloth, glue a motif onto the can for a decorative pencil holder.

As usual, if you're inspired and would like to make one of these crafts, kindly post the pics back to my blog post comments.

Enjoy !!!

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