Friday, December 28, 2007

Our Christmas 2006 Decorations

These are snapshots of my 2006 house CHristmas Decor. Our house was not completely furnished, we had only a living room, in which we recently out curtains, and the rest of the house is still empty so you can notice it sounds really empty !

This is my guft wrapping last year, only 2 gifts were under our tree, the rest were scattered here and there in every house of our relatives ... 2 single young couple wouldn't expect much of should see our house this year, loads of gifts for our baby !!!

This is scrapbooking paper glued and grouped !

That is our entryway...that alley is laways filled with matching items from the theme, around Christmas I fill it with greenery and poinsettia. For my baby's birth I filled it with vases of bamboo plants, which actually were the favor we gave away for our guests.

These are my Christmas basket, one of them was a goft basket for my MIL :

These are my Christmassy pots :) I put them in my entryway ... my kitchen jars + green artificial trees + string of red miniballs. The snowmen are actually boxes for gold earings and necklace I received years ago... So I used them as Decor in the jars.

Our Door hangers !!! that one is the Guests bathroom door hanger

That is also the entryway, decorated in Chrstmas decor, but different colours. I tend to use different colours in dofferent spots to avoid getting a dull display in every corner :

That is about the only room we had to receive guests. SO these were the 2 decorated spots, our entryway and the living room :)

Metal santa claus and snowmen with hanging legs over the closet boxes... !!!

the countdown calendar + ball vase :

Our Christmassy frame :

A plate decorated with candies, natural nuts, natural pine cones, plastic bag wrapped candles- to form one big candle !!!

Card display on the forst row
Seed plants on the second row
small porcelain reindeers on the third row
glass candleholders with red candles on the thrid row

My baby's first Christmas

This is my baby's first Christmas... I've already started thinking about it long time ago !!! I do tend to make a big fuss out of everything !!! so how about Christmas, my baby's first Christmas... At first I had many ideas of home made ornaments, handprints... but with my father in law going to hospital, me preparing for the big Chistmas dinner at my place, and shopping for the gifts, I had really small chances in actually DIYing the ornaments...
So when I ran through these ornaments at the store, I thought that is the solution; they were the perfect idea for a first Christmas ornaments, because I can personalise them and add my baby's Picture !

The ornaments actually cost me 2 $ each, then I printed my baby's picture on a normal paper. I didn't even had to use glossy paper, because it's a small size pic, so low resolution or paper quality didn't matter, especially that the pic is covered by the glossy frame window. I also bought the organza bags for 5 $ the bunch. I used an old gold pen to write on the back "mon premier noel , and the year" et voila :

As for the kids in the family, instead of getting them big stocking, I used my baby's old socks (not old, old, just socks that don't fit my baby's tiny feet anymore) and filled them with candies (as small as it could contain). I intend to make this a tradition and each year fill my baby's socks with candies... this is a gift that will grow with Joey .... I thought it's nice, they also thought it was nice too, being in love with Joey they actually fell in love with the socks more than the candies inside :)

Here's the final setting for both gifts :