Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cute quizz site !!!

What kind of car? I ended up as Hummer's the car I hate the most :) Ummm, I wonder if people do the test for checking the rsults or just time-killer !!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Baby's Bedroom DIYs

Our baby's room was completely decorated, designed and done by me and my DH. DH painted the room, i made the carpets, the wall drawings, the growth-chart, the door-signs, the curtains, etc... Here are my inspirations versus my DIY projects (whenever inspiration pics available) :

Door signs :

Curtains :
Bought plain white fabric and added coloured ribbons

Door signs :
- created on photoshop printed and glued to cardboard

Wall Decor :
Hand painted

Growth Chart :

Inspiration :

Versus reality :
- wall painted
- Measurements hand drawn with a black marker pen
- Animals and numbers are clipart/fonts printed on paper and glued to the wall

Inspiration :

Versus reality :

Different views !

Baby's tooth chart !

Found that interesting tooth chart which I will print and hang on one of Joey's room walls :

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Addicted to it?

Am I just getting addicted to looking for crafts, scrapbooking, recycling, netting and everything else related or is it normal and happens to anyone else? well I guess not... I actually have zillions of project ideas and stuff to make which I might need 30 years to afinish, and yet I still look more, and don't get enough time to actually put into action. Well actually I do craft a bot in the evening, when my husband sits in front of the Tv, and after I give my babay his shower, his meal and tuck him to bed, I just sit and work !!! I like it ! It feels least for me...
Well as for the digi-scrapping, I can work one or 2 during my lunch break....

So anyway, here a link to a very cute site, which i'll try to draft a pic of me and post it on my blog...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What a coincidence !!!

A week ago, I was looking for themed food ideas to serve for my baby's first tooth gathering. Among others I remembered the cocoa-and-co. 's designs. It's a very unique cookies/cake design shop which I ran through during several exhibitions and shows I've been to. I looked for the business card, I browse the website and call the number... A lady answers, saying Hala is not available, got transfered to a guy, to whom I explained what I want, and he proposed to look for the designs on the website to get inspired of what I really want. I hang up... continue my search... well, to cut it short, about the themed food I decide, I'll pass on the cookies designs.

So anyway today while I was checking one fo my favorite website recyclethis, I came across a comment from a lady who said she lived in Lebanon !!! Being a Lebanese myself, I felt proud and curious, and went to her blog, there I saw a card entitled Hala...Hala is an arabic name...again curious as usual from link to link, from blog to blog, I realised Hala the cocoa-and-co creative cookie maker is the same halakemia whose friends are eagerly trying to cheer her up...

Hala I don't know u, I just took a glance at what u make, it's so beautiful ... Oh how life is unfair ! for someone bringing so much beauty and joy to people's special occasions does not deserve pain and sadness but more beauty and joy from people she even doesn't know...

So that's all I could think of doing (being a digi-scarpper addict myself) ...

Here's a card for u and ur friends, I know they're doing their best to cheer u up and u can always count of them...
I hope I did cheer u too :-)

I do need a CODIR !!!

How easy is it to choose a template for your blogspot...Well yes it is easy...However it took me almost half an hour to decide !!!
OK so I am a bouncer when it comes to decision-taking, and yes I do like to hear other opinions...and yes I need a CODIR for every small and tiny decision I make ... CODIR is my husband sarcastic answer to my zillion questions of "what do u think i should do ?"...

CODIR used to be the COMITE de DIRECTION, the highest level management meeting in the company we used to work for... so critical decisions needed CODIR...
and that's what my Husband thinks of me... So what's wrong with me taking my time to choose ... Better think ahead, then regret it bad :-) (I just came up with this, I guess there's a quote about this, I should look it on the web)

Monday, September 17, 2007

That is the sweetest bridal gift I ever saw :

Make a Kitchen Maid or Mate
This is adorable! If the bride is a good friend, you will know what household items to use in creating your custom-made Kitchen Maid.

And today, some couples have joint wedding showers, so you can also build a Kitchen Mate for the husband-to-be. Here's how:

- Begin with an ironing board to be the body of the Maid or Mate.
- Tie an apron with pockets around the middle to make a waist. Fill them with smaller kitchen items, utensils or tools.
- Attach a plunger on one side of the back of the ironing board as an arm and a toilet bowl brush or feather duster as the other arm.
- Add a dustpan at the wide end of the ironing board for feet or set the ironing board on top of a vacuum and bind with several elastic cords under the apron (as we did in the photo).
- Secure a string mop as the head of hair to the back of the ironing board with the mop portion flopped over the top narrow end of the ironing board.
- Create a face with nylon net scrubbies for the eyes, a small sponge for the nose and a nailbrush for the mouth.
Use your imagination to make this an amusing, but useful, addition to the wedding shower party. Just remember to make the Kitchen Maid or Mate with anything you think the bride or groom will need for their new life together.
By Momof1 from Wilkesboro, NC

A hell of a weekend !!!

Wasn't one of my best weekends...It should have been...Spending it at our friend's house in a northern village Kartaba...
Planning a prayer eve, climbing the mountain hill to the cross... And that's where it all started and ruined the weekend.

I survived it, yes...but as usual...the damages done to me and I do to others, especially my loved ones is huge !

I'll let it go... and move on my baby's "1st tooth" party.

I started working on the bowl... glass bowls which I will paint in "vitrail" technique.
Will get the pics as soon as I have some. Working is not as easy as i thought... The lines are not thin and easy to manage, and they're taking much time !!!

I made a search on the glass painting technique and found this article
throught the website.

Friday, September 14, 2007

A new blog on the block !!!

So this is it !!! I am in... I created my 1st blogspot...
I wasn't much into blogspotting, until I recently realised I need to get a "lighter" solution to my "THINGS" as my Husband calls them !!!
So I thought I should give it a try... at least I get to centralise them all in one place and I keep track of everything I want to remember...
Yes I had a journal when I was a kid... I wrote bits and pieces... I even still have a bunch of letters piled from my teenage years... when life seemed different, new, and... unfair...

So anyway, getting back to nowadays, and remembering ...oh yes do I need a blogspot...
I do work 9 hours a day, have a busy life, and a newbaby of 6 months old, who's my passion, my life, my to his dad akid :)

Anyway to cut it short, I desperately need that blogspot...

So here we go !!!