Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Love texts I like !


L'Amour est patient,

l'amour est serviable,

l'amour n'est pas envieux,

il ne se vante pas,

il ne se gonfle pas d'orgueil,

il ne fait rien de malhonnête,

il n'est pas intéressé,

il ne s'emporte pas,

il n'entretient pas de rancune,

il ne se réjouit pas de voir l'autre dans son tort, mais il se réjouit avec celui qui a raison ;

il supporte tout,

il fait confiance en tout,

il espère tout, il endure tout.

L'amour ne passera jamais.

(1ère lettre de Saint Paul aux Corinthiens 12, 4-8)


Aimer c'est la petite lueur d'une bougie dans la nuit qui nous éclaire et nous réchauffe quand il fait froid ....


Marry me under a garland of stars, conifers silent witness to night wind's echoed vows.

Bearing our promises upward through universal whiteness to the sepulchre of God.

Touch me once for all time, all lives that are to be. Our love enshrined.

Marry me under the gaze of stars. Celestial concourse, bless our joy now and forevermore.


Above you are the stars

Below you are the stones

As time passes, remember...

Like a star should your love burn brightly,

Like the earth should your love be firm.

Be free in giving of affection and of warmth.

Have no fear, and let not the ways or words Of the unenlightened give you unease.

For the Gods are with you, Now and always!

My Toothpicks !!!

So while I was planning my wedding, I was addicted to a wedding site, a great one, where all members used to post so many inspiring ideas...One of them was a beach theme wedding, where even toothpicks were matching the theme...Toothpicks ends were small shells !!!

I wanted to make the same for my weddings, with pearls, since my wedding was pearl based, sort of... However, I didn't have time to, so I thought it's gonna be a good idea to use at home... and still didn't get the time to make them until now, since I had some extra beads, I didn't know what to do with... So I thought the best thing is to glue them to the toothpicks ends... or just stick them to the toothpick end if the hole is small enough... and here is the result !!!

A classy way to display toothpicks, and match the theme ! you can always replace those beads by any matching item from ur theme, or colour etc...