Tuesday, December 4, 2007

101 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

1. Chocolate - any kind....bars, candy, cookies.
2. Mandarin oranges or exotic fruit such as star fruit
3. Lottery tickets
4. Lipstick - buy a wild shade of red
5. Cozy mittens or gloves
6. Personalized or Christmas print coffee mug or tea cup
7. Tire gauge
8. Picture frames - buy a plain wooden frame and wrap it with Christmas wrap, glue on Christmas ornaments, paint on holly leaves or apply Christmas stickers.
9. Silly Putty - fun for any age!
10. Baseball, golf ball, rubber ball....
11. Night light
12. Christmas ornament - home-made or store-bought
13. Unique kitchen gadget like an egg slicer, grapefruit spoon, garlic press, etc.
14. Deck of cards - search for one with unusual artwork
15. Hair accessories
16. A book or magazine
17. Magnifying glass
18. Gum or penny candy - buy the stuff that takes you back to when you were a kid
19. Potpourri - create your own easy sachet by placing potpourri in a lace handkerchief, gather the kerchief and tie with a silk ribbon
20. Novelty shoelaces
21. Stamp pad and stamps
22. Batteries
23. Decorative wine stopper
24. Journal or diary
25. Modeling clay
26. Touque or a scarf - hand-knit or purchase in a store - you can add your own personal touch to store bought by stitching on ribbon, bows, buttons or beads
27. Yo-yo
28. Home made cookies
29. Wallet or business card holder
30. Travel games
31. Coupons for fast food, or admission to museums or other attractions
32. Underwear or socks - be racy or pedestrian, your choice
33. Candles - and there are so many to choose from
34. Slinky
35. Popcorn seasoning or spices
36. Nail polish
37. Toothbrush
38. Airplane sized bottles of liquor
39. Packets of flavored hot chocolate or cider mix
40. Die cast metal car
41. Stationary or note cards
42. Bath beads, bubble bath or scented soap - make your own or go shopping
43. A copy of the gift recipient's favorite recipe - you can add some of the ingredients, too
44. Stickers
45. Pencil or pen - try a pen with purple ink, a giant pencil, a fountain pen, a twig pencil, etc.
46. Desk or wall calendar
47. Keychain
48. Soap dish
49. The hottest hot sauce you can find
50. Seeds - try heirloom seeds or native wildflower seeds
51. Fishing lures
52. Glasses case
53. Coloring book
54. Coasters
55. Incense
56. Paper pouches in novelty shapes
57. Craft supplies - paints, brushes, wooden cut-outs, embroidery thread, beads, doll heads, kits, etc.
58. House plant tools or decorative watering can
59. Sports water bottle
60. Vase
61. Mouse pad
62. Exercise bands or hand weights
63. Snow globe
64. Cold mask (the kind you store in the fridge and wrap around your face to relieve aches and stuffiness)
65. Travel mug
66. Photos of the gift recipient as a child
67. Christmas theme costume jewelry
68. A tool - hammer, screw driver, pliers, etc.
69. Harmonica
70. Sewing, knitting, woodworking, needlework patterns
71. Poster
72. Kaleidoscope
73. Decorative bottle opener or cork screw
74. Silly straws
75. Flashlight
76. Address book
77. Cedar balls for keeping closets and drawers fresh
78. Blank diskettes, cassettes, or CD's
79. Piggy bank
80. Kite
81. Jar of homemade jam or syrup or canned fruit
82. Decorative tea towels or hand towels
83. Hand held calculator
84. Jigsaw puzzle or other puzzle game
85. Tarot cards - they only work if you receive them as a gift!
86. Small wooden trinket box
87. Small stuffed toy
88. Napkin rings
89. Model airplane kit 90. Personal radio
91. Sidewalk chalk
92. Personalized birth chart or horoscope book
93. Thermal lunchbag
94. Sheet music
95. Film for the gift recipient's camera
96. Gift certificate for fresh flowers
97. Paperweight
98. Fridge magnets
99. Travel maps
100. Long distance calling card
101. Bird Feeder

Ideas for Him or Her:
1. Hammer
2. Chocolate
3. Lottery Ticket
4. Personalized necklace
5. Special coffee mug with some special coffee
6. Special "Secret" recipe
7. Extra batteries
8. tire guage
9. Garlic Press or other kitchen gadget
11. corkscrew
12. wine stopper
13. Special book
14. Cookies
15. Movie Passes
16. business Card holder
17. socks
18. Toothbrush
19. mini liquor bottles
20. Bath salts
21. Home made soap
22. Thank you or special cards
23. Shopping list pad
24. Glasses case
25. Incense
26. Multi tip screw driver
27. Specialty cheese or jam
28. Woodworking tool
29. Magazine subscription
30. Tea Towels
31. Calculator
32. Cuff links
33. batteries for that digital camera
34. Travel alarm clock
35. Scrap book punches
36. Purse size tissues
37. Mini Screw driver for glasses
38. the ultimate gift....a Recipezaar Premium subscription

For the kids:
1. Toothbrush
2. chocolate
3. silly Putty
4. Christmas Stickers
5. Mittens or gloves
6. Night Light
7. Deck of Cards
8. Hair Accessories
9. Novelty Shoe Laces
10. Fun erasers
11. Journal
12. Stamp pads and Ink
13. Homemade Snow Globe
14. Novelty key chain
15. Mini photo album
16. slinky
17. Novelty Socks
18. Hot Chocolate mix
19. Popping corn
20. Reindeer poop
21. Snowman poop
22. Address and E-mail book
23. Cool pencil case
24. Cool mouse pad
25. Silly straw
26. computer discs
27. Puzzle or Puzzle book
28. Small bank
28. Bubble gum
29. Dental Floss
30. Specialty craft scissors
31. Face tatoo
32. finger puppets
33. Barbie Clothes
34. Yo yo
35. Crayons
36. special ornament for the tree
37. Birthstone angel, or bear etc.
38. shoelace charms
39. Worry dolls

Rudy and trudy Reindeer

Found this project through one of the craft group I joined...
It's very cute, all you need is :
  • Two standard-sized washcloths, tan and white
  • 2 bars of bath-size soap
  • 4 wiggle eyes
  • 2 red pompoms
  • 4 brown pipe cleaners
  • 2 rubberbands
  • 12 tiny jingle bells
  • Decorative cord or ribbon
  • Velvet ribbon for bow
  • Small bell for Rudy
  • Tacky glue
  • Blush make-up for cheeks
And here's how you do it !!!

1. Open washcloth and place it on the table with one corner facing you. This makes the washcloth a diamond shape.

2. Place the soap in the center of it.

3. Bring the corner facing you and the back corner up together. Roll the two corners backwards down to the top of the soap.

4. Take the two side corners in your hands and bring together at the top this will form the ears. Secure them together with a rubberband down next to the soap. Shape to resemble ears.

5. Fold one pipe cleaner in half and poke it between the ears and through the rubberband.

6. Cut another pipe cleaner in half and twist it around to make the antlers. Do this on both sides.

7. Now attach the tiny jingle bells through the ends of the antlers. Fold the pipe cleaners back to secure them on.

8. Tie a decorative ribbon, cord or bow around the bottom of the ears. The bow shown in the sample has a small bell attached.

9. Glue on pompom nose and wiggle eyes.

10. Put a small amount of blush on each cheek.