Thursday, October 18, 2007


Here is one of the nice articles I had saved earlier, and which I will post (as per the previous post):

15 Creative Ways To Use Crocheted Motifs

1. Attach motifs together to form curtains, scarves, pillows, bedspreads, tablecloths and table placemats.

2. Make a satin pillow the same size as motif, fill with potpourri, sew motif onto pillow for a nice decorative scented pillow that can be used to scent closets, drawers and cabinets.Purchase a journal or small notebook, cover in attractive cloth and sew a motif on the cover to make a wonderful gift.

3. Frame a motif for an attractive wall hanging.

4. Laminate a motif and glue cork to the back to make attractive coasters.

5. Attach a magnet on the back for attractive décor for your fridge.

6. Embed a motif made of sewing thread into a bar of soap for attractive bathroom décor that will amaze your guests. Instructions for embedding in soap can be obtained through the free "Scents And Beauty Business Course" at

7. Sew a muslin bag the same size as motif, leaving one end open. Attach a motif to front and back of bag, attach Velcro for a closure and crochet a nice handle to make a sweet purse that any little girl will love.

8. Sew a motif onto the back pockets of jeans for a decorative touch that will always be in style. Add extra flair by sewing several motifs around the bottom of the jeans legs as well.

9. Glue 2 used CD’s together using rubber cement, with the shiny sides facing out. Glue a motif on each side, thread ribbon through the CD hole and hang in your car or by your window for an attractive sun catcher.

10. Dip a motif lightly in scented wax, lay it on waxed paper to dry, hang anywhere you’d like a freshening scent.

11. Cover an empty can with wallpaper, or attractive cloth, glue a motif onto the can for a decorative pencil holder.

As usual, if you're inspired and would like to make one of these crafts, kindly post the pics back to my blog post comments.

Enjoy !!!

Blogspot lifetime

OK so I will try to include here, everything I had gathered from here and there, and whenever I have time, I'll try to post articles or projects I had stored on my laptop. I think it hepls me get back extra space on my PC, however are we sure things posted here are not erased? are they really really very well protected? Do you really think I should delete them from anywhere else ?

I hope the Blogger doesn't have to shut down 0ne day, or just close up or anything like that. I already had a bad experince with the "ultimate wedding" website/chat section, it was an awesome community I joined, and which was afterwards closed !!! I had saved there, everything I looked up for weddings !!! beautiful pics, and projects and crafts... and suddenly it has shut down and I lost it all... Hope Blogger doesn't get the same problem...

So is there anywhere to save these posts ???
Please anyone reading my blogs, answer this !

A layout I just scrapped for Wakuri !

Umm...So I just wanted to make a thank u certificate for Wakuri, and I scrapped this layout... In fact, it's an easy one, since I already got the paper template from Tia Bennett Kit at 2peas... I just looked for the Bookplate from my old kits (I really can't rememebr who's kit it is)... And I looked up Wakuri blogspots, and found the pic... Wakuri, if u send me a pic of urs, I can replace it in the scrapbook !!!

Again thank u !!! hope u like it !

Bookmark this day :)

Browsing other people's blogs, appreciating their work and reading comments that follow each post, really was the booster to create a blog of my own.... I was always not-so-well-accepting the fact that I post verything I do on the internet !!! But then I looked at other poeple, much more talented than me, much more productive than me, and here they are sharing everything... so I thought well, I should do it... I might help someone, somehow, just like billions others have helped me while I was browsing their blogs... The worst thing about me, is I forget the source, never rememebr to save it and give people credit, but I will start doing it , I promise ...

So anyways, the reason why I am saying this, is that because today is one of the most important days in my blog's lifetime :) ... coz my blog has had his first "fan" :)

Someone has linked to my blogspot...someone liked my work ... someone appreaciated my posts :) Hourrrrrrrrrrrrayyyy I am really proud of u bloggie !!!

To Wakuri, thank you for the interest you gave to my blog... I hope u always find somethign intersting for u in my blog...

I know it's still in its very early primitive stage... it doesn't look anything like ur nice charming blog... but i am working on it ...

As soon as I figure out how to put that thing with the links to other blogs... I'll link to ur blog :) So how do we do it ? :)

Wakuri, Arigato gozaimashita, thank you very much !!!

(Thank you --> どうもありがとう。 Dōmo arigatō. )