Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bookmark this day :)

Browsing other people's blogs, appreciating their work and reading comments that follow each post, really was the booster to create a blog of my own.... I was always not-so-well-accepting the fact that I post verything I do on the internet !!! But then I looked at other poeple, much more talented than me, much more productive than me, and here they are sharing everything... so I thought well, I should do it... I might help someone, somehow, just like billions others have helped me while I was browsing their blogs... The worst thing about me, is I forget the source, never rememebr to save it and give people credit, but I will start doing it , I promise ...

So anyways, the reason why I am saying this, is that because today is one of the most important days in my blog's lifetime :) ... coz my blog has had his first "fan" :)

Someone has linked to my blogspot...someone liked my work ... someone appreaciated my posts :) Hourrrrrrrrrrrrayyyy I am really proud of u bloggie !!!

To Wakuri, thank you for the interest you gave to my blog... I hope u always find somethign intersting for u in my blog...

I know it's still in its very early primitive stage... it doesn't look anything like ur nice charming blog... but i am working on it ...

As soon as I figure out how to put that thing with the links to other blogs... I'll link to ur blog :) So how do we do it ? :)

Wakuri, Arigato gozaimashita, thank you very much !!!

(Thank you --> どうもありがとう。 Dōmo arigatō. )


Wakuri said...
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Wakuri said...

Hiya! And once again you are very welcome.

I learned by downloading site templates and breaking them down, but you can easily learn how to link back to someones site, just go here


From there, you can click on "Layouts and graphics"

Then you scroll down the right side of your screen until you see "Do it yourself" under this, it says, "More Tutorials"

Click on that link, and you will find many explainations about internet language and you can learn to link back to others sites, yay!

Once you get to practicing, it'll become easy!

Hope this helped^^