Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blogspot lifetime

OK so I will try to include here, everything I had gathered from here and there, and whenever I have time, I'll try to post articles or projects I had stored on my laptop. I think it hepls me get back extra space on my PC, however are we sure things posted here are not erased? are they really really very well protected? Do you really think I should delete them from anywhere else ?

I hope the Blogger doesn't have to shut down 0ne day, or just close up or anything like that. I already had a bad experince with the "ultimate wedding" website/chat section, it was an awesome community I joined, and which was afterwards closed !!! I had saved there, everything I looked up for weddings !!! beautiful pics, and projects and crafts... and suddenly it has shut down and I lost it all... Hope Blogger doesn't get the same problem...

So is there anywhere to save these posts ???
Please anyone reading my blogs, answer this !

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