Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our baby's favors

Ok I know it's just after 1 year and a half that I am finally posting about my baby's favors, and still the post is not complete coz I don't have the pics of the final favors, I just have what I collected as saying and some facts about bamboo and some trial pics...

So actually when Joey was born, we thought of giving green gifts instead of some silver or porcelain or whatsoever...

We thought of that ancient tradition of planting a tree when a child is born to ensure long life, prosperity, and an eternal bond with nature. Living in a city, we thought it might be a little inconvenient to give tress to epoeple and get them worried where to plant them so we came up with 2 different ideas, trees and lucky bamboos

Saying to use on green favors :

- Our family tree has just grown...

- Plant these seeds with love and care when they bloom your heart will share a hint of he flutter and the thrill we felt waiting for our baby girl. This is a token of our happiness with many thanks from _____ and _____. (Written by Ann McGowan)

- Here’s a little thank you for being part of the first party for Daniel Grimes. Blooming flowers will remind you how important you'll be to Daniel as he grows.

- Take this packet of seeds to plant them with joy, when they bloom, think of the new baby girl or boy!

- May these seeds bring you a beautiful bouquet! Just as you have brought us your love and support on our Wedding Day!
As these seeds bloom, may they bring you as much happiness and beauty as we have together. Thank you for being with us today!
Message on inside : Thank you for sharing this special day. Please plant these seed to create a garden of lasting memories. (complete growing instructions included)

Lucky Bamboo - QUICK TIPS

Keep water fresh by changing it every week, and always keep water levels at approximately an inch from the base of the canes.

Lucky Bamboo prefers plenty of indirect sunlight and room temperatures at 65-70o.

Why Are the Leaves Turning Yellow?

Two of the most common factors are

1.) too much direct sunlight; and

2.) too salty or heavily-flouridated tap water.

To give your new Lucky Bamboo a thriving start be sure to keep it away from direct sunlight, and water only with filtered or natural spring water.

Why Is It Called "Lucky" Bamboo?Along with its ease of growth, Lucky Bamboo has long been associated with the Eastern practice of Feng Shui - or the bringing of natural elements of water, fire, earth, wood and metal into balance within the environment.

Lucky Bamboo is believed to be an ideal example of the thriving wood and water element, with the addition of a red ribbon sometimes tied around the stalks - which is believed to "fire" the positive flow of energy or chi in the room.

The number of stalks also has meaning : three stalks for happiness; five stalks for wealth; six stalks for health. Four stalks, however, are always avoided - since the word "four" in Chinese sounds too similar to the Chinese word for "death"!

Can I Take Cuttings from Lucky Bamboo?Yes. New stalks can be propagated from the original plant by using a sharp knife to cut through a stalk - just below the joint. Place the cutting in fresh, clean water. A fine mist spray to stalks is sometimes suggested to stimulate new bud growth.

How Do I Repot Bamboo?
Like any other houseplant, Lucky Bamboo can be transferred to a vase or pot 2" larger than the original, or planted permanently into a loose sand or soil mixture that provides lots of bottom drainage. To avoid root rot, be careful to let the top of the soil dry out between waterings.

Caring for Your Lucky Bamboo

LIGHT: Lucky Bamboo will do best with moderate levels of indirect light. Lucky Bamboo will tolerate little light more easily than too much light.

WATER: Filtered water or rain water will keep your Lucky Bamboo healthy longer.
Keep an eye on the water level in your Lucky Bamboo container, and add a little more as it gets down to about half-full; how often will depend on the size of your arrangement and the humidity in your home. Every week or so, pour all the water out and refill the container with fresh water.

- Leaf tips turning brown: fluoride in the water, or the air is too dry.

- Leaves turning yellow: too much light or too much fertilizer.

- Stalks turning yellow from the bottom: too much fertilizer.

- Stalks turn brown or mushy: the roots have rotted, probably from overfeeding, or from overwatering soil-grown plants.

Beautiful Bed makeover :

I really am the worst blogger ever, I can't seem to get regularly posting here... Yet today I happened to feel the need to post some of my saved ideas and keep them in my retirmenet box :)

A headboard makes a big difference in a bedroom--but we don't mean the usual wood, padded or metal versions. The seven ideas here go way beyond what you'd find in the stores, or even antique shops, because they're unique beauties you create yourself. Some are as simple as putting up a rod or a picture, and, best of all, none requires any complicated carpentry.

1. Magnificent Mantel: An old wood mantel has plenty of potential, and it isn't much work to turn it into a headboard. You can find mantels at flea markets and restoration companies. First you sand the mantel, then paint as you wish. Next, cut a piece of plywood just big enough to fit behind the mantel and cover this with fleece padding. Wrap the plywood with fabric to match your decor, then staple the fabric to the back of the plywood. Tack this to the mantel and secure the whole piece to the wall baseboard with screws. Now you also have a place for a vase of fresh flowers, collectibles and your bedtime reading.

2. Country Cozy: A wool blanket or folk-art quilt folded over a rod on the wall behind the bed has a casual, homey air. You'll get the best results with a cover that's not too bulky. Buy a readymade wooden rod and fit with finials. Or, for a real rustic note, use a sturdy tree branch, add finials here as well. Place the rod or branch on brackets you hang behind the bed, add the blanket or quilt—that's it!

3. Art Gallery: A single art print does the trick for this eye-catcher. Choose one to reflect the mood of your bedroom and which matches your bedding and furnishings. For example, abstract or pop art conveys a bold feeling, while a French impressionist's garden scene is dreamy and romantic. Browse through museum catalogs and check your local frame or poster shops for the practically limitless possibilities. Framed, the print should be as wide as your bed or close to that dimension; too small and it won't have the headboard effect. A generous mat will help you get the size you want. TIP: Substituting plexiglass for regular glass and opting for a lightweight frame results in a print that's not as heavy, hence easier to hang.

4. Reflected Glory: One large mirror is all you need, and the bonus is that it will bring more light and spaciousness to your room. Pick a frame to blend with your decor, from streamlined chrome to ornate and gilded to country wood. Or consider no frame at all. A bevel-edge mirror will seem to float on the wall.

5. Gardener's Retreat: Set a sweet, peaceful scene with a blooming trellis. Paint the trellis white, or pick a hue to suit your color scheme. For a naturally weathered look, let the paint dry, then remove some of it by sanding. Attach the lattice to the wall and secure faux flowers or ivy to look like a climbing plant.

6. Fabric Flair: You'll have this "headboard" done in a jiffy! You tack a wide piece of fabric from ceiling to floor for a beautiful backdrop. The sky's the limit with options because there's so much out there, from rich velvet to fancy silk to polished cotton, and in a variety of prints and patterns from exotic to French provincial to contemporary. Replacing the fabric when you want a new look is a cinch. Come summer, for example, you can change to a lighter color and fabric.

7. Luxury Suite: With some wallpaper and glue, you can make your room fit for royalty. You cut wallpaper in the shape of a crest or arch, paste the paper to the wall and embellish with a fancy length of trim and tassels. Here's how:
You'll need: a large sheet of plain paper to use as a pattern; wallpaper of your choice; spray adhesive or wallpaper paste; squeegee; three decorative curtain tiebacks; braided trim and tassels to complement your wallpaper; a hot-glue gun with glue sticks. Of course, you can adapt this idea to any shape headboard, with any style of trim.