Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I do need a CODIR !!!

How easy is it to choose a template for your blogspot...Well yes it is easy...However it took me almost half an hour to decide !!!
OK so I am a bouncer when it comes to decision-taking, and yes I do like to hear other opinions...and yes I need a CODIR for every small and tiny decision I make ... CODIR is my husband sarcastic answer to my zillion questions of "what do u think i should do ?"...

CODIR used to be the COMITE de DIRECTION, the highest level management meeting in the company we used to work for... so critical decisions needed CODIR...
and that's what my Husband thinks of me... So what's wrong with me taking my time to choose ... Better think ahead, then regret it bad :-) (I just came up with this, I guess there's a quote about this, I should look it on the web)

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