Monday, September 17, 2007

A hell of a weekend !!!

Wasn't one of my best weekends...It should have been...Spending it at our friend's house in a northern village Kartaba...
Planning a prayer eve, climbing the mountain hill to the cross... And that's where it all started and ruined the weekend.

I survived it, yes...but as usual...the damages done to me and I do to others, especially my loved ones is huge !

I'll let it go... and move on my baby's "1st tooth" party.

I started working on the bowl... glass bowls which I will paint in "vitrail" technique.
Will get the pics as soon as I have some. Working is not as easy as i thought... The lines are not thin and easy to manage, and they're taking much time !!!

I made a search on the glass painting technique and found this article
throught the website.

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