Monday, October 29, 2007

My denim flower !!!

This is my first denim project, I got inspired by this tutorial, and came up with the second pic. You just rip off a strip of ur old denim jeans depending on the width of the flower u want ! Use a needle/string to sew the center of the flower, the longer the strip, the fluffier the flower !

That was my first test, I think the next time I will use a longer strip to make the flower more dense...
You can then use an old button and sew it to the center of the flower !

The flower can be used as hair ornament, bag, necklace, hair pin, brooch...

Personally, I will use it as a door knob for our new-handmade-totally-completely-designed-and-made-by-me-and-my-husband closet !!! Will post pics of it later

Enjoy the project, and don't forget to post ur pics to the comments when u do ur own version !!!

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