Monday, October 29, 2007

My Placemats !

This is avery easy project to do for ur home decor !!!
The idea just came to me as soon as I saw those placemats, which I liked a lot, they might not look nice in the pics, but actually they are very nice !!! no they're not seagrass mats :) even thought they look like it...

So anyway, I am known for my love to pearls... I adore pearls, they're classy and elegant, and most of all classic !!! Classic that I actually don't wear pearls, I am a bit more funky in my choice of jewelry... But I do include pearls in my home decor, because they add class to my very modern taste of accessories !
Therefore I chose to add pearls to the placemats, but for a change, u can add any kind of beads, ribbons, pipe cleaners, buttons, even pompoms are good ... anything that comes to ur mind or matches ur theme party !!!

Get the cheapest placemats u can find on the market these ones are for 1 $ !

Pick whatever beads u have, pearls, buttons, etc...

ur needle and a fishing line, so that u sew these to the placemats in a discrete classy way...

Et Voila !!!

My friend just fell for these, she wants me to change the pearls colour to match her decor !!!

Enjoy it and remember if u happen to like it and wanna do ur own, please post ur pics to my blog comments so that I can get inspired back !!

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