Friday, October 26, 2007

Light garland - Guirlande de lumiere

2 weeks ago, while I as looking at one of the book stores to get my dad a retirement gift, I found a craft book about garland... in french it's called "guirlande lumineuses" or "guirlandes de lumiere". I couldn't get to translate it properly, so i made my seraches on the french topic, and here's what I got... I've been longing to do that project, and was looking for inspiration...and now is the time to do the serach... I hope somehow someone can direct me to a turorial for those interesting projects, and if I can get a a copy of the book, I'll post some of the projects, which are very interesting.

Her are some of the ideas that can be done :

I think this one is a bit diffcult since I have to reproduce the pattern on a piece of papaer and cut's gona take a lot of time to be finalised ! Yet I ma still not sure which paper I should use for this project :

This one is very easy, I guess... I'll just bring the organza fabric which is very cheap too, and cut long strips of it and do as illustarted in the jeans flower example :

This one is also easy and cheap to do, however I guess the difficult part would be the border and how to make it look neat, because when cut, this kind of fabric is not solid.

The feather's type is the easiest ever !!! and cutest for a girls room :

This project can also be done with the organza fabric. Cut a wide strip of the organza, fold in half and gather it randomly around the cord.

A tutorial I got from someone using the comic book to create a light garland ! very neat !

Another tutorial I found for paper based light garland, in this exmaple u can use any paper u like to make the garland :

Here's a tutorial also in French that I found on the french carft website :

Another project I found with terra cotta pots !!!

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