Monday, May 5, 2008

Unique centerpieces

Probably I still have this from my wedding preps... I might still need them for other occasions, so just wanted to save them in my bucket--full-of-ideas... So here are the unique table centerpiece ideas that I like :

. Framed photos of you and your sweetheart in your favorite places with a description of why that place is important to you. To take it a step further, assign each guest a table "place" rather then number to correspond with the photo and description on the table.

. Fish bowls with goldfish inside. Use gravel that is the same color as your wedding colors.

. Bottles of champagne (they can each be different types) with a wreathe of ivy or evergreen around the bottom of them.

. Hurricane lamps with flower pedals sprinkled around them or filled with Christmas balls in the shades of your wedding colors.

. Antique teapots with flowers inside. 6. Wedding photographs of other guests at your wedding or who have passed on whose marriages you admire(d) (this looks really cool if the photos are old)

. Straw hats (very cheap at craft stores) decorated with silk flowers and ribbons-perfect for an outdoor, spring, reception.

. Antique birdcages filled with flowers.

. Cool bowls that you and your honey made beforehand at a pottery and paint place-put pencils and blank pieces of paper in the bowls so your guests can write you little words of advice.

. Miniature bouquets made out of lollipops. Duct tape a bundle of lollipops together and put them in little vases.

. Champagne buckets filled with flowers or simply as a flowerpot with one big flower growing from it.

. Gift boxes! Get three or four gift boxes of different sizes, wrap them in paper that reflects your wedding theme and/or colors and put them in the middle of the table with a beautiful bow. Cheap and unique!

. Teacups with votive candles in them. Put several in the middle of each table. You can find really neat and inexpensive teacups at antique or thrift stores. Keep them for your home or give them away.

. Potpourri in bowls or baskets.

. Two plastic champagne glasses hot glued together so they cross (laying down) with four clear glass marbles in each glass. The marbles will give the effect of bubbles coming out of the glasses. You can tie helium balloons to the glasses for height.

. A flower pot with an American flag in it, or any other flag that is meaningful to you. If you put the American flag with another nation's, though, make sure the American flag is on the left (assuming your reception is in the USA)

. Glass bowls filled with water with thin slices of lemons and limes floating on top. Great for a summer wedding.62. Glass mason jars of various sizes filled with peaches or other foods that match your colors. The guests don't have to eat them! Just look at them. Hard candies also work well.

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