Monday, May 5, 2008

Favor ideas

THis is a list of favors I got also when preparing my wedding but I am keeping it for any future occasions I might need to send back favors to my guests :

Here are some ideas from an article on You asked for it, so here it is: We've put together a list of our best favor ideas! Remember, you can spend a lot or a little. It's not how much your favors cost that matters, it's how creative, cool, funny, or yummy they are! We hope these help spark your imagination.

1. Candy canes
2. Mini Easter baskets filled with foil-wrapped chocolate eggs
3. Little plastic pumpkins filled with candy corn
4. Simple Christmas ornaments
5. Pretty gourds
6. Blow-up beach balls with your names and the date on them, or just in your wedding colors
7. Miniature heart-shaped boxes of Valentine's chocolates
8. A New Year's champagne flute with your names and the date emblazoned on it
9. Sunscreen (for an outdoor summer wedding)
10. Miniature watering cans filled with spring blooms
11. Frisbees (for a cookout in the woods or park)
12. Miniature Christmas wreaths (perhaps wrapped around the base of a red candle)
13. Dreidels 14. Chocolate coins in gold foil
15. Umbrellas (for a wedding during rainy season)
16. Scarves or mittens (for a nippy winter wedding day)
7. Sunglasses
18. Sparklers
19. Easter eggs (that you've colored yourselves)
20. Miniature pots of clover (four-leaf?) for St. Patty's Day
21. Kites
22. Snow globes
23. Wedding water bottles
24. Slices of apple or pumpkin pie KEEPSAKE FAVORS
25. A copy of a memorable photo you have of you (or both of you) with each guest - very personal
26. A love poem written by one or both of you, or just one that you love 27. A pretty picture frame
28. Potpourri
29. Several sheets of pretty notepaper with matching envelopes, tied with a ribbon
30. A letter of love and thanks from the two of you
31. Miniature soaps or fun, brightly colored glycerin-soap "slices"
32. Fragrance -- small vials of perfume and/or cologne that you love, or that was created expressly for the wedding
33. Engraved silver keychains
34. A Polaroid shot of you and each guest as they arrive at the reception
35. Wine glasses with your names and the date on them in gold, silver, or black
36. Pretty paper fans (to beat the heat, and/or to represent your Asian or Spanish ancestry)
37. Small, round, decorative boxes (or pretty pillboxes)
38. Figurines (Precious Moments are popular)
39. Mini replicas -- or picture postcards -- of landmarks in the town where you marry (the Empire State Building in New York, the Space Needle in Seattle, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco)
40. Little blank books/journals (where your guests can record their most secret thoughts)
41. Music boxes EDIBLE FAVORS
42. The classic: candied almonds (Italian "confetti")
43. A single, amazing petit four
44. A miniature box of good chocolate (Godiva!) or a single truffle
45. Half bottles of wine, perhaps with labels personalized for your wedding
46. A chocolate-chip cannoli
47. Gourmet jelly beans
48. Chocolate Kisses wrapped in tissue paper (in your wedding colors, perhaps)
49. Mixed nuts in little canisters
50. Baklava (your grandmother's recipe, maybe)
51. Mints with your married monogram on them
52. Apples (if you've got apple trees in your yard or an orchard nearby - or if either of you is a doctor or teacher!)
53. Gourmet coffee beans in mugs
54. Everyone's favorite: M&Ms
55. Pineapples or coconuts (for a tropical wedding)
56. Ginger candy (spicy!)
57. Bubble gum or malted-milk balls (for a '50s-style wedding)
58. Licorice (Twizzlers or the assorted, colorful kind)
59. Little tins of butter cookies
60. Rice-Krispies treats
61. Big, round, old-fashioned lollipops
62. Honey or jam - that you've canned yourselves or from a local gourmet shop
63. Old-fashioned "button" candy (colorful drops stuck onto long sheets of butcher paper) "LIVING" FAVORS
64. Tree saplings
65. Flower bulbs
66. A single rose at each place setting (in the color of your choice)
67. Donations to the charity of your choice in each guest's name (leave a small paper scroll or card at each place explaining)
68. Packets of seeds - your favorite bloom, or one with significance to the two of you
69. Potted African violets
70. Flower leis
71. "Adopt" an animal at the zoo in your guests' collective names
72. Aromatherapy candles
73. Goldfish in pretty bowls (make sure they come with fish food!)
74. "Favors" from the bride and groom -- certificates that promise "one heart-to-heart," "a year of email," "afternoon tea," "a day of helping you move," etc., personalized for each guest
75. Boutonnieres and corsages for every single guest JUST FOR FUN
76. Toothbrushes with your names and the wedding date on them (especially if one of you is a dentist)
77. Astrological readings (on mini scrolls) for each guest
78. Pez dispensers (complete with the candy!)
79. Decks of cards (having a Vegas wedding??)
80. Silly, kids' party favors
81. Bottles of bubbles
82. Tiny stuffed animals
83. CD singles (maybe your wedding song, or something classic)
84. Post-It notes in your wedding colors (everyone can use 'em)
85. Wedding T-shirts
86. Bandanas (perfect for a hoe-down)
87. Baseball caps or visors
88. Shot glasses (personalized or just ones you like!)
89. Stickers (silly ones, or have a graphic-designer pal design wedding-memento stickers)
90. Super Balls or Slinkies
91. Cans of Play-Doh (regress to childhood, everyone!)
92. Crayons (you might want to cover the tables with butcher paper, too)
93. Yo-yos
94. Tennis or golf balls with your names and the date on them
95. Personalized pens or pencils 96. Calendars (little plastic ones or funny rip-off-the-date ones)
97. "Paper" airplanes (little colorful ones made out of foam)
98. Chef's hats (if you two are connoisseurs)
99. Comic books
100. Kazoos or harmonicas (for a musical reception!)
101. Lottery tickets (give them a chance at good fortune) Hope this helps.

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