Monday, January 11, 2010

The 12 days of Christmas for grandparents


12 Days for Grandparents

12 Days of Christmas (For Grandparents)
1. Boys Portrait w/ Album
2. 2 Ornaments
3. 3 Pens
4. Video of us caroling
5. Life savers
6. Candy Canes
7. Christmas Towels
8. Milk duds
9. Slippers
10. Candle
11. Christmas CD
12. Calendar

The 12 days of Christmas is the song that I sing and in this sack 12 presents I bring. December the 13th is when you may start. Unwrap one a day with love from my heart. Having you as grandparents is a dream come true, This is my way of wishing Merry Christmas to you!

1. A partridge in a pear tree How boring is that! Our boys are much prettier The way they are sat. Fill the rest of the album With the old pictures you’ve got, It will make a great keepsake ‘Cuz you are loved a lot!

2. Two turtle doves are very rare and nowhere could I find a pair. But ornaments add beauty to your tree, and commemorate the past year with thee.

3. I did get French hens, But then hungry I got. So I ended up cooking them In a great big pot So three fine pens will have to do, In France’s colors of red, white, and blue.

4. Four calling birds What’s with those wings? Instead here’s a video With four Turks that sing.

5. Five golden rings That’s rather extreme. We love you dearly, But that much money’s a dream! Five golden rings? What could I do? Family is golden, As I’m sure you’ve been told, and they’re your lifesavers When you’re young or old. So 5 lifesavers is better than rings. Where I got out of that one! I’m getting good at these things.

6. Six geese a laying *Sigh* We’re back to those birds! I tried stealing their eggs But their cries could be heard. So I gave up and went to the grocery store. and bought some candy canes (Eggs where too hard to store).

7. Seven swans swimming But the water was so cold I couldn’t catch them, I couldn’t grab hold. So here’s some towels To dry your hair. Use them when you go swimming and chase swans if you dare.

8. Eight maids a milking Silly women don’t they know Milk comes from a store Geez they are slow! But bilk duds are yummy All rolled in a ball. and sold in a carton More than 8, that’s a haul!

9. Nine Ladies dancing they put on a show. Their feet got so tired So wouldn’t you know, I’m sending some slippers for soothing your feet They’re comfy and cozy and all wrapped up neat!

10. Ten lords leaping, Wonder if they could reach the stars? I don’t know but they liked candles The ones put in jars. Salt City the Lords told me Are the very best Go ahead and burn it Put it to the test.

11. Eleven pipers piping Oh, how they’re hurting my head. They gave me such a headache I had to go to bed. Music should be soothing A listening pleasure So here’s a CD For you to treasure.

12. Twelve drummers drumming That would be quite the site I don’t know any musicians and that is my plight. But there are 12 months in every year So, here’s a calendar to make the kids seem near. Each day that you write what you are to do, Please be reminded how much we miss you!


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