Monday, October 15, 2007

My Accessoires beauté

These are pics of flowers I did last month inspired from a photo on flickr... In fact I had the pic and wanted to post it, but my Pc is over its capacity and I ma trying to delete some unwanted pics, or completed projects...therefore the pic is gone, only the result is here :)
Still I don't know what to do with it ... a ring? a brooch ? a hair pin ? a bag accessory ? a shoe accessory ?!?! Well, as soon as I come up with the final result it'll be posted !

Well that for sure is a hair pin !!!
The bigeste succes in my jewelry career ehehehehehhe ... No, really i like it !!!

This is a necklace I did 2 years ago... inspired from a lday i saw in a theater play... hers was white pearls and gold, I replaced the white pearls with one of the black beads I had ... I love those long necklaces, which u can control...long, short...1 round, 2 or more, depending on the outfit !!!

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