Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Earings !

The pair of earings I ma the most proud of !!! It took me more than 5 min. to finish them :) COz there' are several chains and beads added, which should be done equally on both sides... It also required many trials to come up with that last combination of beads... But again I am really proud of... I finally gave'em to my mom :)

These are also one of my favorite ones... I am liking this thing a lot...but due to lack of time, I can barely come up with a new pair each week... well I've done 2 pairs of these, one for me one for my sis. People are so much liking them that my sis didn't have the courage to admit I did'em :)

I got those beads 2 years ago...but with my pregnancy and problems I went through, i haven't touched my bead box until last July, when I came up with these designs...
However, I wonder how can I improve the pics? They don't actually show the perfect view of the earings and don't show the real piece of art Hahaha... Gotta go look up some online photography courses !!!

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